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A Simple Guide to setting up Quake 2
Welcome to my site. Simple but functional !

This page is to help get beginners started on playing Quake Death Matches.
Quake 2 isn't the most up to date game of its type but the graphics is good and it works well when playing on the net in Death Matches. That's where you don't play against the computer but play against other people instead.

If you have already got Quake2 and you know how to set the game up to play on a server, you won't need this page or the downloads so click on the link below to find out where the Quake2 servers are.


The first thing you need is copy of QUAKE 2. Below is a download for Mini Quake ! Click on the link to download the file. This is a VERY CUT DOWN version of the game. It has a lot of things missing to get it down to size but is ideal as a starter pack. You will need to download each level AS YOU PLAY, but once downloaded you've got it for good and won't need to download it again. Save this file to your desktop.

Or, if you have got broadband, or if you want to download more to start off and not have to download as you play click on the link below. The downloads there will take a lot longer to download than Miniquake but are more complete versions of the game. When you click on the link, go to section C (Quake II) and download the Quake II Demo.

I will say now that if you really like the game you should go out and BUY it ! The guys who wrote it deserve every penny.
If you are worried that the downloads might contain a virus you should get a decent virus checker and keep it up to date or download direct from ID Software's site. I started with Norton's but had nothing but trouble with it, so Phil from Medway Hosting recommended McAfee's and it works fine.

Once you have got your download, the next stage is to get it installed.


You should be able to see your newly downloaded Quake file on your desktop.

1. Double Click on the Quake download. This will open up a window entitled "WinRAR". It is asking you where exactly you want your Quake folder to be put, on your computer. As a general rule this should be set to "c:\" but if you know a bit more about computers and want it put somewhere else, that is fine. This guide will continue as if you have chosen to use my suggestion.

2. Click on "Extract" button. The files will then be extracted and placed in your Quake2 folder. When completed the window will close. It may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

3. Create your shortcut ! If you don't know what a shortcut is, don't worry - just follow the instructions. Right click on your desktop. A box will appear with a number of options. Click on "New". Another box will appear with more options. Click on "Shortcut". A window will now appear - asking for "Command line".

This next bit will be different depending if you downloaded MiniQuake or Quake2.
(Take note of the cool colour coding !)

MiniQuake >>>> Enter "c:\miniquake2\quake2.exe"
Quake2 >>>> Enter "c:\quake2\quake2.exe

Click "Next" and then click on "Finish"



Double-click on the Quake icon to run the game. It may take a few minutes to crank up depending on the speed of your computer. First of all it will open in a very small window.

MiniQuake will have a screen with the Quake logo and some text which finishes with "Quake2 Initialised".
Quake2 will start running a Demo.

In both cases hit the "Esc" (escape) key on your keyboard. You are then given 5 options. To change the screen size, use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to goto the "Video" option and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The bit you want to change is the "Video Mode" option. Use up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move between options and the left-arrow and right-arrow keys to change the option. Try different options that suit your computer best. To have the game run "Full Screen" change the "Full Screen" option to "Yes". Hit your "Esc" key to save the changes.

Hit the "Esc" key again to get the first 5 options again. This time go to the "Multiplayer" option and hit "Enter".
(I can tell you're getting excited !!!!!!)

There are 3 options here. You will only be interested (probably) in the first and last ones which are "Join Network Server" and "Player Setup". In "Player Setup" you can change the character you use and your name, although to start off with you will only the single basic character (you will have to wait for the others to download as you play, unless you download them from ). Hit the "Esc" key when done. In "Join Network Server" you will find 3 options. The one you want is the "Connect to A.E.T. Quake2 Server" and
YOU'RE OFF !!!!!!!!!


AET's server is not on a fixed IP address so it may change from time to time (although it hasn't for over a year). Check with as the current address will always be there if the server name does not resolve. To set the address go to the "Multiplayer" page, choose the "Join Network Server" option, select the "Address Book" option and in one of the blank spaces enter AETNET.CO.UK . Hit "Esc" to save. Hit the "Refresh Server List" option and it should then be listed under "Connect To". A bit tricky for beginners I know but easy when you know how :)

You will have to work out HOW to play the game yourself 'cos that is just going to be WAY too much typing! But I will say this:- Numbers 0-9 change the guns, use the mouse to aim, mouse click to shoot, arrow keys on the keyboard to move and plenty of alcohol to stay sane!

If you have problems connecting to the server, one of the two Phils can probably help you.
Phil @ AET ("Phili" in Quake) - 01634 572525 or
Phil (with the rings) ("Tory B'stard" in Quake) - 01634 854503
(Cool Dudes!)


Hit your "Esc" key and choose "Quit". Now a note here to Miniquake users only. When you hit "Enter" after going to the "Quit" option, you may get what appears to be a blank screen if you have an older version. With normal Quake it would have said "QUIT Y/N" but because you have the Miniquake version, it can't find the picture to display, because it's not there. Hit your "Y" key anyway and it will exit the game properly.


Of course - IF you had gone out and BOUGHT the game, you would have had a full set of instruction and wouldn't have to download half the stuff you do, and are not sitting there twiddling your thumbs and shouting at your computer to go faster, wishing you had broadband and a 2k Pentium!!!!! So life goes!

LAST QUICK TIP - when playing, if you hit the "T" key you can type in a line of text that appears on the screens of everyone playing in the game, so make sure you say "HI DUDES" !!!

VERY LAST QUICK TIP - if you see someone playing with the name "Undertaker", make sure you tell him he must be a crap player, because he uses the ridiculously thin character of "Jack", the matchstick man out of the film "The Night Before Christmas" so it's harder for people to hit him. :)

Anyway, I hope that this page has been useful to you and with a bit of luck I will see you there.